How to Get Darkrai Without a Nintendo Event


If you've been looking for a chance to get your hands on the legendary dark-type Pokemon Darkrai but didn't have access to the Nintendo events that featured it, you may think yourself out of luck or destined to have to trade for one. This is true if you want a legitimate Darkrai, but if you're willing to bend the rules to get your hands on one without trading there are two cheat methods that will allow you to get Darkrai without having attended a Nintendo event.

Things You'll Need

  • Pokemon Generator 3.0.0b27
  • Action Replay DS game card

Pokemon Generator

  • Download and unzip Pokemon Generator 3.0.0b27 from There is no need for installation; the program is self-contained and will be ready to run upon extraction.

  • Start up Pokemon Generator and click on "Tools" followed by "PID Finder."

  • Select "Darkrai" from the "Species" drop-down menu and set the "Gender" drop-down menu to "Either." Darkrai is a gender-neutral species so it won't matter.

  • Select "1" from the "Ability" drop-down menu as Darkrai has only one ability. Then click on the "Nature" menu and select a nature for Darkrai. Nature will affect Darkrai's stats and growth, so pick one well suited to your task. Go to Smogon University's Darkrai Strategy page at for tips on building an ideal Darkrai, including what nature to select.

  • Configure your Darkrai's "Initial Values" or "IVs" based on preference. Ideally, you'll want a point spread that is as close to the original as possible, so set values accordingly. The max IV you can set on a single stat is 31 and you can configure the search system to look for either exactly those stats or similar stats. If you want a shiny Darkrai, you'll also want to check the "Shiny" check box.

  • Click on "Search" and allow the finder to generate a PID. The more strictly you've set up your search features (setting the stats to only find a perfect match, generating a shiny PID, and so on) the longer it will take, so be patient. When one has been found, click on it in the window and make sure the stats match up in a way you like. If you aren't satisfied, tweak some of the numbers and click "Search" again. When satisfied, make sure the entry is highlighted and click "OK."

  • Fill in any additional information on the "Main" tab regarding desired nicknames or held items. Make sure to set the "Level" to at least 40 to ensure legality while transferring Darkrai to your game.

  • Click on the "Met" tab and set the "Game" drop-down menu to the game you are transferring to. Set "Location" to "Day-Care Couple (G4)" if playing Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver or set it to "Day-Care Couple" if playing Black or White.

  • Set the "Ball" drop-down menu to "Pokeball" and the encounter drop-down menu to "Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey tree/Shaymin."

  • Click on the "Stats" tab and configure the Pokemon's "Effort Values" or "EVs." These can be distributed as desired, as they will effect the way your Pokemon grows and can be used to compensate for inherent stat weaknesses or to enhance already useful stats. Be aware that each stat can only have up to 255 points put into it, and in total the EVs can't be higher than 510. Also, under no circumstances should you hit the "Randomize IVs" button. That will completely undo the stats set up by the PID finder and require you to find another PID number.

  • Click on the "Attacks" tab and select attacks for your Pokemon to have upon arrival. Only select moves your Pokemon would know at the level you entered on the "Main" tab or moves that can be learned via TM and HM. A list of Darkrai's available moves can be found on Darkrai's Bulbapedia page at

  • Click on the "OT/Misc" tab and configure the original trainer information. This information is critical as it will route your Darkrai to your game for when you pick it up. Set the trainer gender to match your character and enter their name in the "OT" text field exactly as it appears in-game. Special symbols used in-game are available in case you've added any to your character's name. Locate your character's Trainer ID number and enter it in the left text field for "ID." This number can be found on your character's Trainer Card. If you are generating a shiny Darkrai, you'll also want to click on "Generate Shiny ID" to make sure there won't be any snags in transferring your Darkrai.

  • Click on "File" followed by "Save Pokemon (from tabs)" to save the Pokemon you've created.

  • Go to the Pokemon Selector at and select an uploader for your game version. Click on "Browse," find the Pokemon file you created and then click "Submit."

  • Start up your Nintendo DS and go to "Settings." Select "Internet" followed by "Connection Settings."

  • Select "Advanced Setup," select your Internet connection and then "Change Settings." Set "Auto-Obtain DNS" to "No" and select "Detailed Setup." Enter the DNS server number listed on the Pokemon Selector, with zeros added in front of all numbers except the first one. Then click "Save" but refuse to test the connection.

  • Restart your DS, start up your Pokemon Game and access the Global Terminal. Select "GTS" and proceed to the GTS room as though you are about to perform a normal GTS search. If everything has been done correctly you will receive your new Darkrai exactly as configured.

Action Replay (Diamond, Pearl or Platinum Versions Only)

  • Complete the Cresselia event in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum version and save your game. Then turn off your DS and replace the Pokemon game card with the Action Replay DS game card.

  • Start up Action Replay and click on the icon at the top of the CodeManager software to update your software and firmware.

  • Enter the following code on the Action Replay DS code interface:

    94000130 FCFF0000
    B21C4D28 00000000
    B0000004 00000000
    0000AA3C EDB88320
    2000AA68 00000008
    D2000000 00000000

  • Swap the Action Replay DS game card with your Pokemon game card when prompted and go to Canalclave City, press "L" and "R" and walk to the Pokemart. Speak to the man inside to receive the member card, which is the event item that grants you access to Darkrai.

  • Go to the hotel behind the Pokemon center and go to sleep. You will be transported to Fullmoon Island and can now battle and capture Darkrai.

Tips & Warnings

  • The only way to legitimately get Darkrai outside of a Nintendo event is to trade for one. While the Action Replay method will generate a legal Darkrai, the method of obtaining the item is still considered a cheat.
  • The Action Replay method only applies to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum versions. Players of HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black and White versions will need to either use the Pokemon Generator method or trade for a Darkrai.
  • Pokemon generated using the Pokemon Generator generally aren't tournament legal or tradable via GTS. These Pokemon can be traded via a direct connection, however.
  • If you have created any missteps using the Pokemon Generator method, you may potentially lock yourself out of being able to use it. Pokemon flagged as "illegal" will not be delivered and your ability to send Pokemon to your card with Pokemon Generator will be blocked. Construct your Darkrai with caution and make sure it's as legal as you can make it.
  • Using Action Replay will always run the risk of possibly damaging your save file and forcing you to restart your game. Use it with caution.

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