How to Beat 12-9 Ham 'Em High in "Angry Birds"

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Angry Birds is available for Apple and Android phones.

Even though "Angry Birds" is a simple game to understand -- the objective is simply to destroy pigs with flying birds -- completing the task at hand can be a challenge. The game is designed to make pigs difficult to access and destroy, and you are limited by a predetermined number of birds in each level. Level 12-9 in the "Ham 'Em High" world gives you three birds, and the help of some dynamite, to destroy nine pigs. There is more than one way to complete each Angry Birds level, and one method for level 12-9 is relatively easy.


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      Pull the slingshot back so that the first red bird is aimed at an angle slightly more narrow than 45 degrees. Release the bird so that it flies just under the hanging dynamite, hitting the wooden structure between the second and third highest tiers. The first and second tiers are destroyed, and the box of dynamite at the top of the structure blows up.

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      Aim your second bird, black bird, so that the slingshot is nearly parallel to the ground. Release the bird so that it hits the second tier from the ground, just above the the pig closest to the slingshot. Upon hitting the structure, the bird explodes like a bomb and destroys the three pigs in the area.

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      Sling the final black bird at a 45-degree angle so that it hits the far right side of the structure, just above the two remaining pigs. The final two pigs are destroyed, and the level is complete.

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