How to Make a Ranked Playlist on "Halo 3"

The online multiplayer mode in "Halo 3" features two distinct playlist options, depending on the style of games you'd like to play. For casual gamers looking to start a party and play together, there are social playlists, where cross-party chatter is encouraged. For the more hardcore gamer, there are ranked playlists designed for evenly matched players to test their skills.


    • 1

      Press "X" to select "Multiplayer" from the main menu.

    • 2

      Press "X" to select "Ranked Playlists."

    • 3

      Press "X" to select Lone Wolves, Team Slayer, Team Objective, Team Tactical or Team Doubles -- depending on the types of individual matches you want to play. You will be matched to a lobby, to wait for the first match to begin.

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