How to Put a Player on a Team in NCAA Basketball '09

"NCAA Basketball 09" is a basketball game designed by EA Games. Players can control their roster and create their own players. You can add players you have created or players that aren't on any team yet. The same basic process applies to both so it doesn't matter if they are created by you or the game.


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      Start the game and select "Season" mode from the main menu. Scroll through the team listings with the control pad until you find the team with which you want to play. Press "A" to select the team and go to the "Season" options.

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      Scroll through the season options with the control pad until you come across "Team Options." Press the "A" button to select the options. Look through your roster to find an empty spot. You can only add a player if an empty spot is on your roster.

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      Select the "Add a Player" button from the "Roster" menu. Wait for the "Player" menu to load up completely before looking through the list. Scroll through the list of available players with your control pad.

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      Find a player you want to add to your team and highlight him with the cursor. Press the "A" button to select him. Press the "A" button again after it asks you if you are sure if you want to add the player.

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      Hit the "B" button to back out of the "Add a Player" screen. Go back to your roster and find your empty spot. Check to ensure your player has been added. Try again if he has not been added.

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