How to Build a Landscape Trailer


If you're thinking about starting your own landscaping business, your business will require a landscape trailer. This modified vehicle allows you to store your heavy equipment and hold basic gardening tools in an orderly manner (rather than just thrown in the back haphazardly). It also allows easy loading and unloading of equipment, which is necessary to keep your schedule and be timely for clients.

Things You'll Need

  • Basic equipment trailer
  • Car or truck hitch
  • Welding tool
  • Steel grate
  • Metal pipes with 2-inch diameter
  • Hacksaw
  • Power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Heavy-duty hinges
  • Purchase or obtain a basic equipment trailer. Install a hitch on your vehicle to use to haul the trailer. Position the hitch so it will match your trailer height.

  • Bring the trailer to a work area. Obtain three sheets of steel grate. Make sure two of them are at least 4 feet high and as long as your trailer. Have the third one sized 4 feet high and as wide as your trailer.

  • Use a welding tool to attach the first two panels along the inner sides of your trailer bed. Take a hacksaw and cut metal pipe with a 2-inch diameter into 1-foot sections. Make a couple of these sections for each side of the trailer. Weld them to metal grate sidewalls now attached to the trailer. Position the pipe sections vertically and permanently attach them.

  • Lower the existing short door on the trailer. Use a hammer and punch pin to tap out the hinge pins. Remove the door once it is loose. Use a screwdriver and hammer to pop out the remainder of the hinge bolted to the trailer bed.

  • Use the welding tool to attach the new industrial-strength hinges to the truck bed. Do the same for the second half of the hinges to the steel grate that is 4 feet by the width of the trailer bed. Line up the hinge parts to each other and insert the pins. Secure the pins with a cotter pin if necessary.

  • Fold the rear grate upward and chain it to the landscape trailer sidewall grates when transporting. Lower it in a gradual grade when unloading or loading your lawnmowers and heavy equipment. Load your long-handle tools into the welded pipe sections to hold them while transporting.

Tips & Warnings

  • Comparing notes with other landscapers will give you ideas on how to accessorize your trailer for additional tool holding, but always remember to remove your tools at the end of the day to avoid having them stolen.
  • Make sure to wear a welding mask and welding gloves when melting steel parts to each other. The welding arc can easily burn your eyes or hands.

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