How to Clean an Aqueon QuietFlow 10 Aquarium Power Filter

Clean a fish tank's power filter regularly.
Clean a fish tank's power filter regularly. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Adding a power filter such as the Aqueon QuietFlow 10 to an aquarium is one way to keep the water clean and fish healthy. Power filters combine mechanical, biological and chemical filtration to keep the water quality high in an aquarium. Power filters are generally easy to use and quite reliable, but they are not maintenance-free. Cleaning an Aqueon power filter on a regular basis is the best way to keep it running smoothly.

Things You'll Need

  • Filter pads
  • Flexible brush

Unplug the Aqueon QuietFlow 10 power filter to stop the flow of water. Carefully lift the filter off the frame of the aquarium, and carry it to the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Remove the detachable cover from the power filter and set it aside. Lift the filter cartridge out and examine it, and clean it by running cool water over it. Never use hot water to clean the cartridge. Replace the filter cartridge if it is heavily soiled.

Turn the power filter over and clean the underside with a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Clean around the intake tube and motor to remove any built-up algae or other debris.

Remove the intake tube if it is heavily soiled. Pull the intake tube straight out of the body of the Aqueon power filter, then run it under warm water to clean it. Use a flexible brush to remove any algae or dirt buildup inside the tube.

Reinsert the intake tube, then clean the plastic cover thoroughly using warm water. Never use detergents or other cleaners on anything that will be going back into the fish tank. Place the plastic cover back on the power filter and hang the filter back in place on the tank.

Fill the back reservoir of the Aqueon QuietFlow 10 power filter with water, then plug the filter back in. The water will begin to flow into the intake tube, and out the overflow into the tank.

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