How to Make Roaring 20s Costumes for Men


Following the end of World War I, the roaring '20s dawned with a much needed celebratory vibe. Fashions reflected the nation's sense of jubilation, and designers adapted them accordingly. Women's flapper fashions were all the rage, with short dresses and even shorter hair. Men's styles also became less formal and more relaxed. Suits became baggy and showy, with wild mixes of colors and patterns. With a little imagination and a trip through a vintage clothing store and a costume shop, any man can put together an authentic roaring '20s look.

Things You'll Need

  • Baggy suit
  • Vest or suspenders
  • White dress shirt
  • Necktie
  • Two-toned shoes
  • Fedora or Newsboy hat
  • Hair gel

Creating the Suit

  • Go to a thrift store, and find a suit. Appropriate materials for a '20s-style suit include wool and flannel. Try to find a dark solid color, such as navy or gray, with a pinstripe or plaid pattern, if possible.

  • Try the suit on, and make sure it fits around the waist and in length but is quite baggy in the pants. Make sure the jacket, too, is baggy and long, as this was the style in the '20s.

  • Purchase a vest in a different color and pattern than the suit color and pattern while you're at the thrift store. Feel free to pair a navy blue pinstripe suit with a gray plaid vest. If you prefer, buy suspenders instead of a vest. Suspenders were also trendy in the '20s. Do not wear both a vest and suspenders.

  • Put on a white dress shirt and a wide necktie or bow tie. You can also buy these at most any thrift store. Wild patterns and colors on the necktie are encouraged.

  • Purchase two-toned loafers at a thrift store in white and black or white and tan. If they are unavailable, wear dark wing-tip shoes as they also fit the style well.

Hat and Hair

  • Buy an inexpensive fedora or a newsboy hat at a costume shop. Either of these hats are acceptable for a '20s look.

  • Skip the styling and simply wear the hat, if hair is too short to slick back. If hair is long enough, wet it thoroughly in the sink or shower.

  • Spread a liberal amount of hair gel onto you hair, and comb your hair straight back from your forehead, making sure to spread the gel throughout your hair.

  • Spray your hair with hair spray to ensure it stays slicked back and in place throughout an evening of taking your hat on and off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Possible '20s style accessories include pocket watches, handkerchiefs and walking sticks.

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