How to Focus on Boring Work

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Seek stimulation when you feel yourself dozing off.

Whether you’re dealing with a less-than-fabulous day job or enrolled in a tedious class, a boring workload can ruin your mood. However, even these mundane tasks serve a purpose, so it’s best to cut down on procrastination and dive in. You can use various strategies to make your work hours more bearable and productive.


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      Write down all the reasons you need to complete your tasks. Whether you’re working toward a college degree or earning money to pay your rent, acknowledge the importance of your workload. This will help you maintain a positive outlook, as you’ll be focused on the outcome rather than the tediousness of the task.

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      Eliminate distractions. Avoid surfing the Internet. Turn off the television and cell phone. Once these distracting elements are out of the picture, you’ll have an easier time remaining focused on the task at hand – no matter how dull it might seem.

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      Set goals while you work. For example, when writing an essay, challenge yourself to write as many pages as you can within two hours. These small challenges will take your attention off the dullness of the task and encourage you to work more efficiently.

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      Take breaks to participate in more stimulating tasks. For example, go for a jog or play a video game between work sessions. This will provide an outlet for your desire for excitement. Don’t tire yourself out and avoid overindulgence.

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      Plan a reward for yourself at the end of the day. For example, plan to go on a shopping trip or watch a movie with friends at the end of the day. Short-term rewards will keep you focused when your ultimate goal seems far away.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change your routine when possible. Don’t fall into mechanical work habits. Always search for new ways to handle your given task.

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