How to Get the SPC Code for the EVO

When you activate a Sprint HTC EVO online, the programming page on the website will give you the service programming code. If you didn't save the code when you activated the phone, you can get it from a Sprint agent. The code is required to unlock the phone for programming. You cannot program the phone to a different carrier without it. It also gives you access to other network information, such as the picture messaging server and data settings.


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      Contact Sprint customer care by dialing "*2" on a Sprint phone. You can also dial 888-211-4727 from a land line or cellular phone on a different carrier.

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      Select the option to speak with the technical support department. The technical support representative will ask you to validate your account. You may need to provide a password or the last four digits of your tax ID or social security number.

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      Advise the Sprint agent you need to program your EVO manually. Accessing the programming menu requires the SPC code. The agent will ask you to dial "##72786#" on the dial pad screen. After you enter the code, the phone will display "Please Enter Password."

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      Write down the six-digit code the agent gives you to enter in the screen. The password is the SPC code.

Tips & Warnings

  • The SPC is sometimes called the MSL code, short for master subsidy lock.
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