How to Draft the Legends in "NBA 2K11"

Developed by Visual Concepts, "NBA 2K11" is the eleventh game in the long-running basketball sim series, published in 2010 by 2K Sports. It is the first basketball game in which Michael Jordan has appeared since the 2003 arcade style title, "NBA Street Vol. 2." A full complement of legendary NBA players also appears in "NBA 2K11," and drafting them requires a slight tweak to the game's roster, which is fully customizable.


    • 1

      Press "Start," then go to the "Roster" menu on the main menu screen. Select "Customize Roster."

    • 2

      Highlight your desired legends on the special "Legends" teams and move these players to currently existing teams. Alternatively, you can allow Legends teams to play in the league during a season by highlighting the whole team, but most players just pick and choose which legends they want to draft.

    • 3

      Start a Season mode and check the option for a draft. You will need to make room on your team, especially if you also checked the options for salary caps, but you can choose to trade for the legendary players you've added to the roster.

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