How Do I Tell a Fake Prada Shoe for Men?

Men's Prada shoes have become classic, fashionable shoes that are highly sought after. The Italian shoes also come with a hefty price tag, which makes them even more desirable in certain circles. Because they are so expensive, an entire underground business has sprung up creating knock-off men's Prada shoes -- or look-a-likes. Some are sloppy and it's easy to see they're fake, but others are well made and it can be tricky to know whether they are the real deal.


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      Purchase your men's Prada shoes at a reputable store or boutique. If the shoes are selling for a lot less than retail value, that is a red flag.

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      Check the box carefully. It should be made out of corrugated plastic, not cardboard. The Prada logo should not be on top of the box. The logo, style information and price on a real Prada is on the side of the box.

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      Inspect the insole. There should be a Prada logo on the insole with "made in Italy" directly below the logo. The insole should be easily removed and the Prada logo should be visible at the heel. If the shoe or sneaker has a sole that is attached, it definitely is not a real Prada.

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      If the shoes have a toggle instead of laces, the Prada logo should run along the side. Be sure to match the laces of a Prada shoe or sneaker to the style number on the company's official website. If it is not the correct lace, there is an issue with authenticity.

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      Check the official Prada website to see whether the shoes you are about to purchase are actually from the season and that they are a legitimate Prada model.

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