How to Make String Scarves

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String scarves are so easy -- you can have an entire collection!

String scarves are trendy, chic accessories that add an urban, hip feel to any outfit. What's more, they're easily made. All you need is a cotton T-shirt and some sharp fabric scissors to complete this inexpensive project. In only minutes, you will have a new accessory to add to your collection that you can be proud of -- because you made it yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • XL seamless cotton T-shirt
  • Fabric scissors
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      Wash the T-shirt. If you are working with a used or old shirt, this ensures that the scarf does not come out with any stains or marks on it. Take the scissors and cut off the bottom hem of the T-shirt. Remove the top portion of the T-shirt by cutting all the way across the shirt from underarm to underarm. All you should have left is a wide tube of fabric. The neckline, hem and sleeves should all be detached.

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      Cut 1/2- to 1-inch strips along the width of the fabric. This should make loops of T-shirt fabric. Snip one end of the loops, turning all the loops into long strips of fabric. Gently stretch out the strips by taking one end in each hand and pulling until the edges start to curl. Set one of the strands aside.

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      Take the strands together in one hand and even them out. Measure 12 inches from the top and anchor the fabric at that point underneath something so you can begin braiding. Separate the strands into three equal segments and braid the strands, leaving 12 inches of fabric unbraided at the bottom. At this point you should have a braid in the middle and two 12-inch segments of unbraided strands on either end.

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      Grab the strand of T-shirt fabric that was set aside earlier and use it to tie the 2 unbraided ends of the scarf together.

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