How to Make a Heart With Fingernail Polish

From cheetah print to glitter to stripes and sunsets, fingernails are the perfect canvas for creating eye-catching art. While some designs take considerable skill and patience, a heart is a beginner shape made with very few steps, colors and techniques. Apply just one heart to a single nail for a subtle look or paint several hearts on each nail for extra drama. Master the heart then combine with other designs and colors to create your own custom manicure.

Things You'll Need

  • Base coat polish
  • Acrylic paint
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Top coat polish


    • 1

      Paint your nails using the base coat, which can be a clear coat or the color of your choice. For the heart design, use a red base coat followed by white hearts. Paint each nail evenly with one coat by swiping the brush smoothly over each fingernail.

    • 2

      Let the base coat dry completely.

    • 3

      Dip the paintbrush into the acrylic paint. Acrylic paint works better than nail polish for nail art because it is viscous and more easily manipulated into shapes. Wipe off the excess paint on the edge of the bottle.

    • 4

      Use the tip of the paintbrush to apply a dot on your fingernail. Apply another dot right beside your first so that you have two dots next to each other.

    • 5

      Draw a vertical line from the outside of each dot down so that you've create a V shape beneath the dots.

    • 6

      Fill in the V by carefully moving a little paint from the dots down into the empty space.

    • 7

      Fine-tune the heart by picking up a little more paint on the brush and going around the outline. Soften the round parts of the heart and make sure it is completely filled in.

    • 8

      Allow the paint to dry completely.

    • 9

      Apply a clear top coat over the design. This will lock in the heart and prevent it from smudging or running.

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