How to Dunk in "NBA 2K11" for the PS3

"NBA 2K11" is a basketball game for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) that attempts to emulate all aspects and play from the National Basketball League. One of the most exciting plays in "NBA 2K11" and the NBA is the dunk. You can do a variety of dunks in the game, depending on your character and their dunk level, but, regardless of the dunk you want to perform, you will need an open lane to the basket to perform the move.


    • 1

      Pass the ball to a player on your team who has a dunk and jump rating of at least 70. If the ratings are too low, the character will perform a layup or a finger roll instead of a dunk.

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      Hold "R2" to sprint toward the basket. You have to hold the sprint key to perform a dunk, whether you are performing a standing dunk or running from the perimeter of the three point line.

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      Press and hold the "Square" button. If the player has an open lane to the basket, he will jump and perform a random dunk animation.

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