How to Defeat the Lonesome Manor Stretching Room on "Epic Mickey"

"Disney Epic Mickey" features dozens of levels based on different aspects of past Disney characters, television shows and films. The path to the exit in the Stretching Room has been blocked by a set of jumbled paintings, and it can only be opened once the paintings are back in their proper order. Rearranging them can be tricky, as all of the sections of the paintings will spin at the same time, but once you figure out the gear controls this section can be completed fairly easily.


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      Play through the game until you reach the Stretching Room in the Lonesome Manor. There will be three large pictures in this room and you need to put them in their proper order. A large gear is sitting in the center of the room with three smaller gears around it. Each painting has a top, middle and lower section, and the three smaller gears each control one aspect of the paintings. You can activate the large gear by spinning near it and you activate the smaller gears by painting them.

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      Paint the smaller gears and spin the large gear until the lower sections of the paintings are showing. Walk up to each painting and do a spin move by shaking the Wii remote. Spin them until you see a barrel of TNT, a pile of stone busts and some piranha swimming in water.

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      Paint in the middle smaller gear and spin the large gear to show the center sections of the paintings. Spin them until you see a man standing in his boxers, a man with another man on his shoulders and a gravestone with names on it.

    • 4

      Paint the last gear and spin the large gear to show the top section of the paintings. Spin these until you see the heads of the three pictures. Spin the large gear in the center when you see the message saying that all three paintings are complete and the exit will appear. Walk up to it and press "A" to finish the level.

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