How to List Skill Sets on a Resume

Skill sets make up the bulk of a functional resume. Functional resumes work well for job seekers who have little or no professional experience, a series of short-term jobs or significant gaps in their work history. Well-chosen and strategically placed skill sets turn an otherwise skimpy or unimpressive resume into a document that markets your strengths in terms of the skills you possess. With a focus on your marketable skills, your resume paves the way to the job offer you seek.


    • 1

      Write a list of areas of skill that apply to your experience, such as "Leadership," "Customer Service" and "Computer Programming." These will serve as your skill set headings.

    • 2

      List three or four examples of how you used each skill under each skill heading in bullet form. Begin each example with an action verb, such as "Analyzed information and provided quick and accurate solutions to customers."

    • 3

      Transfer the completed skill sets to your resume under a general heading titled "Skill Areas" or "Professional Skills" in order of how important they are to the job you are seeking. For example, if you are seeking a job as a computer programming, list your programming skills first.

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