How to Become an Escrow Officer Assistant

Escrow assistants help coordinate the flow of documents and funds between buyers and sellers of real estate. The job of assistant to an escrow officer requires general office abilities, skills in customer relations and knowledge of escrow. Although no particular education beyond high school is necessary, a community college training program will help you prepare for the job. Most assistants also receive on-the-job training. With experience, some assistants eventually advance to escrow officer.


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      Complete your high school diploma, emphasizing business subjects. Include classes in popular computer office software. Take English to improve your communication skills and math to prepare you for the financial aspects of escrow work.

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      Complete a community college certificate or associate's degree program in real estate or escrow assisting. Although not required, specific training will help prepare you for work as an escrow assistant. A certificate program will generally include classes in real estate law, financial practices and market analysis. An associate's degree will also typically include courses in finance and business operation.

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      Obtain an entry-level job as an escrow assistant in an escrow office. Complete your employer's on-the-job training for escrow assistants.

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      Add to your expertise by taking continuing education classes or workshops in escrow and real estate. The American Escrow Association sponsors seminars and online programs in real estate escrow.

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      Advance to escrow officer after you have accumulated both experience and training. Although many escrow officers have an associate's or bachelor's degree, knowledge gained through experience is a central factor in achieving advancement from assistant to escrow officer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Join the American Escrow Association to take advantage of their opportunities for continuing education.
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