How to Ace an Office Assistant Interview

First impressions count. So much of whether a person makes a good impression at a job interview has to do with how she presents herself. Appropriate dress, social skills and interest in the job may mean more than years of experience or typing speed. Know the company and present yourself appropriately to get hired as an office assistant.


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      Research the company that wants to interview you. Read information on the company's website. Pick up brochures or any other publication that the company publishes. Learn as much as you can about the company so you can speak intelligently about what the company's mission and goals are. Employers want to hire people who are interested in the type of business that they do.

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      Arrive on time and dress appropriately. All clothing must be clean and pressed. Men should wear slacks, not jeans, and a button down shirt and tie. Wear dress shoes; do not wear athletic shoes or sandals. Women may wear slacks or a skirt the falls below the knee. Shorts and short skirts are inappropriate. A blouse or sweater is fine for a woman, and pumps or shoes are good but sandals, athletic shoes and high heels are not appropriate office wear. Dress as you expect to dress to go to work if you get the job. Carry a purse or briefcase; do not carry a backpack because it makes you look inexperienced, like you just got out of school, and unprofessional.

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      Make a great first impression by feeling confident, looking people in the eye and smiling. Offer firm handshakes. Be friendly. This is your chance to show off your social skills.

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      Listen to the interviewer and do not interrupt. Wait your turn to ask any questions you may have. Answer questions honestly but focus on your strong points.

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      Remain positive. If you asked about a former employer, do not say bad things. If you have bad feelings toward a former employer, keep your answer brief and polite. Focus on positive things.

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      End the interview by saying, "Thank you." Express your interest in the job and smile as you leave.

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