How to Jump on a Longboard Skateboard

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The physics of jumping on a longboard differ from traditional skateboards.

Jumping or performing an ollie on a longboard skateboard is one of the most fundamental tricks there is. For this maneuver, the skater elevates himself off the ground by popping the longboard upwards. While jumping on a longboard looks the same as it does on any skateboard, it requires a slightly different technique. Following these five steps should help most skaters learn to jump safely and effectively.


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      Stand on top of your longboard on a flat, concrete area. You should be in your normal stance, which will be either regular-footed or goofy-footed. If you are regular-footed, your left foot will be your front foot. If you are goofy-footed, your right foot will be your front foot. When initially learning, it's usually best to remain motionless to prevent falls. Once you have learned the basics, you can try it out while moving.

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      Place your back foot on the edge of your longboard tail and your front foot in the center of your longboard.

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      Bend your knees and pop your tail down while simultaneously dragging your front foot up toward the nose of your longboard. Use your longboard's grip tape for friction when dragging the nose up.

      Performing this action is slightly different on a longboard as compared to a traditional skateboard because your tail won't usually hit the ground. When jumping on a traditional skateboard, the tail will always hit the ground. This is mainly because of the the shortened tail-length of a longboard and its heavier weight.

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      Elevate your longboard as high as you can while keeping both feet firmly planted on it.

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      Level your longboard out so that it's roughly parallel with the ground and follow its momentum back to the ground.

Tips & Warnings

  • Learning to jump on a longboard is a little more difficult than on a traditional skateboard. Be patient.

  • Wear the proper safety gear like a helmet, wrist guards and knee pads when learning to jump while moving.

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