How to Be a Flow for a Skate Company

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Flow skateboarding sponsorships are awarded to advanced riders.

Skateboarding is a sport that continues to develop a mainstream following, with athletes competing for large cash prizes in major events like the X Games and Street League competitions. Advanced riders can become sponsored by product manufacturers, stores or other organizations. Flow is one type of sponsorship in which the rider receives complimentary products from a company on a regular basis.


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      Watch videos of riders currently sponsored by skateboarding-equipment companies. Many videos can be found on the riders' personal websites, or on the websites of skateboard companies. Pay attention to see how the athletes ride their boards — make a note of what stands out and which tricks the riders use. Some sponsors may want riders who are completing specific tricks or riding in certain areas; studying the videos available on the company websites will help you better understand what each company is looking for.

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      Video-record your skateboard practice runs in local skate parks and in public areas. Edit the film to include the highlights of your best tricks and runs. Include information about how you well you have competed at various events.

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      Submit these riding videos to skateboard companies. Many companies will accept video submissions through their company websites. If you can't find specific submission information, contact the company directly and inquire about the process.

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      Promote your work as a skateboarder. Use social media platforms or a personal website to show your work to the skating community. Ask local skate parks to display your skating videos on their web pages to promote both your abilities and their facilities. Use these online options to spread your videos' popularity as quickly as possible. Update your website and social media pages on a weekly basis to keep your content current.

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      Network with individuals in the skateboarding industry. Ask friends who work for companies that currently sponsor riders how you can get sponsored, or to whom you will need to reach out. Ask contacts if you can wear their companys' t-shirts, hats or skate shoes to help promote their items.

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      Attend and compete in as many different skateboarding contests as possible. Many sponsor representatives attend events where well-known riders compete, and being at the same event will bring you into contact with those representatives. Even if you aren't competing, ask for business cards or contact information from company reps, and introduce yourself to as many people as possible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Having a manager to distribute your materials and set up meetings will help you procure sponsorship opportunities.

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