How to Eliminate Hookworms From Infected Soil

Hookworms are parasitic nematodes that live in soil, animals and humans. The eggs of hookworms will grow anywhere offering air, moisture and warm temperatures that will sustain life. Hookworm eggs will not hatch in undisturbed animal feces, but they will hatch and thrive if weather, animals or other factors manipulate the feces. Hookworms grow best in sandy, moist loam soil that's at least partially shaded. Temperatures of 68 degrees and higher are optimal for hookworms. Eliminate hookworms in soil to keep your soil and your pets healthy.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 1/2 pounds salt brine/borax


    • 1

      Remove pet feces from your lawn and garden daily. Hookworm eggs inside the feces may hatch and infest soil, so it's best to eliminate pet feces in your outdoor spaces.

    • 2

      Train your dogs to use one area of the lawn for their "business" to make clean up and disposal of feces easier; ideally, direct pets to a gravel or rocky area that will be easy to clean and difficult for hookworms to live in.

    • 3

      Take infected animals to a veterinarian to eliminate hookworm infections inside your pets and prevent the spread of the eggs through animal feces.

    • 4

      Continue to remove all feces produced by pets for two weeks after having animals treated, as eggs may persist for several days even after they receive medical attention.

    • 5

      Mix 1 1/2 pounds of salt brine or borax with 1 gallon of fresh water.

    • 6

      Spray the solution on bare ground, concrete or gravel areas used by pets where hookworms may live. The solution is not effective or safe on grassy and garden areas.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never handle feces with your bare hands. Hookworms can infest human bodies, too.
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