How to Give Your Tennis Shoes More Traction

Tennis shoe traction is affected by a variety of factors. The tread pattern and depth of tread can affect how the shoe grips surfaces. The material the sole of the shoe is manufactured from will also affect how much traction the shoe has. Tennis shoes will also get different traction depending on the surface you are walking on. There are several things you can do to attempt to increase traction for everday purposes or for specific environmental conditions.


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      Keep the soles of your shoes clean. As you walk, dirt and debris stick to the bottom of your shoes. The dirt will make your shoes slippery by reducing the grip of the rubber soles, especially on smooth surfaces such as linoleum or tile.

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      Rough up the bottom of your shoes with sandpaper or scuff them on cement. If your tennis shoes have little tread depth or the treads are worn away, decreasing the smoothness of the bottom of your shoes can increase traction.

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      Purchase a traction aid and apply it to your shoes. Athletic stores sell sprays and mats specifically to increase basketball shoe traction. Many stores also sell shoe chains and shoe spikes that you can attach to your shoes for increased traction when walking on snowy or icy surfaces.

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