How to Get the "MapleStory" Wild Hunter 3rd Job Advancement

Wild Hunter is a character class in the online role-playing adventure game "MapleStory." Every character class in the game advances through a series of jobs as it progresses through 200 levels, with each job being unlocked by a special advancement mission. The third job of the Wild Hunter class becomes available when your character reaches Level 70 and completes a special mission to destroy an Energy Conducting Device -- which turns out to be a powerful monster.


    • 1

      Progress your Wild Hunter character up to Level 70 by collecting experience points from quests and battles.

    • 2

      Go to the Secret Plaza of the Resistance Headquarters in Edelstein in the Black Wing Territory. Speak to the Wild Hunter trainer Belle and accept the quest "Destroying the Energy Conducting Machine."

    • 3

      Go left out of Edelstein along the Dry Road to Verne Mine. Speak to the non-player character Von in the Dry Road Mine Entrance level to buy a Black Wings hat, which will get you past the security in the mine.

    • 4

      Head left through the mine entrance to the Power Plant Lobby and keep going left into Power Plant Security. They will let you through if you have Von's Black Wings hat equipped.

    • 5

      Continue heading left until you encounter the Energy Conducting Device. It is a Level 70 monster with 130,000 health points and an attack rating of 757. However, it has no defense points, so you should be able to wear it down quickly.

    • 6

      Destroy the Energy Conducting Device and head back to Edelstein to talk to Belle and advance to the third job.

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