How to Collect Cypress Wood

The cypress tree -- specifically, baldcypress and pond cypress -- is found most often in wetlands and along waterways in the southern United States. Cypress is popular for use in construction, furniture, mulch and even as a firewood. Collecting cypress wood for your own use requires a certain amount of knowledge about the trees as well as an understanding of local and state laws, because cypress trees are protected in some areas.

Things You'll Need

  • Ax or chainsaw


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      Learn how to identify cypress wood and tell it apart from other types of wood. Cypress wood can range in color from tan to a deep reddish brown. The tree is an evergreen and the leaves are similar to those of a pine tree but are not as pointy. The tree may have a wide base and roots that extend into the water but protrude every so often.

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      Go into wetland areas and look for cypress trees. Swamps and wetland areas in the southern United States are most likely to have cypresses.

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      Gather branches and limbs that have fallen off the tree. Do not cut a tree down unless you have express permission to do so and are not violating any laws.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can purchase cypress wood from an assortment of lumber supply companies. Cypress wood with a smooth grain and few or no knots is considered to be the most valuable.
  • In some areas it is illegal to cut down cypress trees and you may face legal fines or penalties for doing so.
  • Don't confuse cypresses found in the United States with the more ornamental and landlocked forms found in Europe.
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