How to Shoot a Draw Shot in Pool

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An effective draw shot requires an effective cue ball strike.

The draw shot is a popular and visually exciting shot in billiards, or pool. In it, you strike the white ball, also called the cue ball, so that it does not collide with the object ball and then continue spinning normally. Instead, the cue ball actually stops momentarily, then spins back, or draws away, from the object ball, and races back towards you. Continually practice this shot for hours to master it, because you strike the cue ball in a place that is usually the spot that leads to a miscue, where you strike the white ball improperly.


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      Use the thumb on your forward hand to support the cue stick's front end, with one or two fingers gripping the stick. Grip the cue stick with your back hand so that your wrist and forearm create a straight line going from the floor to the ceiling.

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      Position the tip of the cue so that it is in line with the cue ball and the object ball, which is the ball you intend to hit with the cue ball.

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      Aim for a spot just below center on the cue ball. Strike the cue ball with the cue at this spot below center, harder than your normal strike.

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      Follow through the shot, naturally bringing your back wrist up so that the cue stick drives down through the cue ball. End the shot with the tip of the cue stick contacting the pool table's surface.

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      Strike the cue ball slightly lower, and with additional force, when there is more distance between the cue ball and the object ball. Strike the cue ball no lower than a distance equaling one cue stick tip under center, regardless of the distance.

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