How to Cut Down a Tree From the "Pokemon LeafGreen" Version


In "Pokemon LeafGreen" the Hidden Machines make a return. Hidden Machines (HMs) are special types of Technical Machines (TMs), which are items that can teach moves to a Pokemon that it is unable to learn through normal means. Unlike single-use TMs, Hidden Machines are unlimited use items that teach moves that allow you to use your Pokemon to help in your travels. One such HM is HM01, Cut, which lets a Pokemon chop down tree saplings that block certain paths.

  • Go to the North of Cerulean City to Bill's House. Bill is the creator of the Pokemon Storage System. Help him with his experiment by using his PC after he climbs into the Teleportation Capsule and he will reward you with an S.S. Anne ticket.

  • Travel to Vermillion City to the south of Cerulean. Vermillion is the home of the Electric Type Gym and also the port for the S.S. Anne, a luxury cruise liner.

  • Use the Pokemon Center and save your game. Use the ticket you got from Bill to get past the sailor guarding the entrance to the ship. Aboard the ship you will have the chance to battle the passengers as well as a fight against your rival.

  • Go upstairs on the ship to the captain's quarters and talk to the captain. After some dialogue he will give you the HM01, which can be used to teach most Pokemon the move Cut.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Cerulean Badge is required to use Cut outside of battle. If you go to the S.S. Anne directly from Bill's House without challenging the gym, you will have to backtrack and battle Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader to actually use the move.

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