How to Identify SWFs FPS in AS3

How to Identify SWFs FPS in AS3 thumbnail
Flash movies are built using multiple frames.

AS3 is a term commonly used when referring to Flash ActionScript version 3.0. AS3 enables you to write custom code to support and enhance your multimedia movie. A Flash movie contains a time line consisting of frames. The speed at which the movie progresses along those frames is the frames per second. Use AS3 methods to read the FPS of your movie.


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      Open the Flash source file.

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      Click in frame one and press “F9” to display the Actions window.

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      Type the following code:
      var fr:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
      function frFunction(event:Event) {

      fr.t = getTimer();
      fr.frameRate = Math.round(1000 / (fr.t - fr.o));
      fr.o = fr.t;

      The trace function displays the frame rate in the output window.

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