How to Defeat the General at Hoover Dam in "Fallout: New Vegas"

If you joined the barbaric Caesar's Legion gang in "Fallout: New Vegas," you'll face General Oliver, the leader of the NCR army, in the final battle. The NCR and the Legion are always fighting over Hoover Dam, and this last battle determines who earns the right to control it. In Hoover Dam's power plant, you confront General Oliver. If you have a maxed-out Speech skill, you can convince Oliver to surrender. If not, chase him to the top floor and then kill him and his guards.


    • 1

      Start the "Veni, Vidi, Vici" mission and head to Hoover Dam. Fight the NCR soldiers as you make your way down the bridge. Legion soldiers arrive to help you. If you want to disguise yourself, take the NCR armor from a dead soldier and equip it. Many NCR soldiers will ignore you with it on.

    • 2

      Follow the map marker to the Visitor Center. As you walk, NCR snipers may try to shoot you. Kill them and enter the Visitor Center.

    • 3

      Go through the Basement door and head through the next door to reach Power Plant 2. Your Legion allies and the NCR soldiers do battle in here, but the soldiers leave you alone if you're wearing NCR armor.

    • 4

      Keep walking straight through the next room. Enter Power Plant 3. Go across the hall and go through the door to General Oliver's office.

    • 5

      Talk to General Oliver. If you have a Speech skill of 100, tell him to surrender peacefully. This lets you avoid a fight. Otherwise, Oliver flees the room and heads for the top floor.

    • 6

      Go left and run around the force field. Take down the NCR heavy troopers who block the way. If you have a companion with you, like Rex or Boone, they do most of the work for you. Stay back and let your companion pick off the enemies.

    • 7

      Disarm the traps that line the halls as you proceed upstairs. If you have trouble seeing the traps, turn on your Pip-Boy light. When you get upstairs, Oliver confronts you, along with six heavy troopers.

    • 8

      Kill Oliver in just a few shots with any gun, since he wears no armor. The heavy troopers wear thick Power Armor, though, and wield Gatling Laser guns. They are the main threat in this fight.

    • 9

      Throw grenades at the heavy troopers to damage them as much as possible. If you have some mines, line the hallways with them. Get the heavy troopers to follow you through the mine-filled hallways.

    • 10

      Let your companion help you in the fight with the heavy troopers. If they get knocked out, they won't wake up until after the fight, so heal them when possible. When the last heavy trooper dies, you win the battle for the Legion.

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