How to Change Your Home Course on GHIN

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You can keep track of your handicap with GHIN.

The Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) was established by the United States Golf Association (USGA) in 1981 to provide a nationwide handicap service network for the country's various local golf associations. GHIN serves over 12,400 golf courses in 41 states and has data on about two million golfers. The eGolfer feature allows individuals to track their progress over time, and allows associations and courses to evaluate their overall programming.


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      Log into your eGolfer account through the GHIN website by entering your username and password. Then, click "Sign In."

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      Click on "Profile" and then choose "Edit." Change the name of your home course on the profile.

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      Save your change to keep the name of your new home course in your profile after you log off.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your new home course isn't among those served by GHIN, you may lose access to tracking services, depending on the golfing association that serves that course. Check with the pro shop about your particular course.

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