How to Teach Yourself Analytics

This is a digital world. From email accounts to social networking sites, most people conduct business -- both personal and professional -- online. Brushing up on analytics can be easy, fun and profitable. According to the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, Athabasca University, “data scientists have enormous control over how [people] experience data and what is known about [an individual].” Take that control into your own hands with a quick analytics lesson.


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      Familiarize yourself with online tools to ease the learning process. Google Analytics offers tools to track web traffic data, from the number of page visitors to actual page views. "Smashing Magazine" raves about Google’s tool for those tracking marketing campaigns, arguing that the "time on site per visit" tool is helpful.

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      Find a free class offered online; Athabasca University offers a free online course. Read through lectures and class participation assignments, and apply them to personal needs, wants and goals.

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      Network with friends, family and business professionals to see what information gathering techniques and tools others use to analyze data. Reading the business section of national and local newspapers can also offer new insight on ways to evaluate digital information.

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      Find free digital applications for smartphones and computers to graph and chart web information for small businesses and personal data. Apps are great ways to ease the learning process and maximize productivity.

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      Research analytics at a comfortable pace. Begin with small doses of information, and find out which direction will best suit needs. Whether just looking to analyze data from a personal blog or hoping to take a business venture to a higher level, there are many free tools online to make it all possible. Read up on analytics, then decide which direction best suits the goals set in step one.

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