How to Make a GoPro Ski Mount

The GoPro camera is touted for its durability and use in filming extreme sports. The camera was designed for use as a helmet cam or as a tough, handheld alternative to more delicate HD-ready recording devices. If you want to mount your GoPro camera on a ski pole but do not feel like purchasing the special mount for the device, you can craft your own with a few simple materials. This will allow you to film your travels in a manner similar to some of the footage seen in GoPro’s promotional campaign.

Things You'll Need

  • Collapsible ski pole
  • GoPro Vented Helmet Strap
  • Zip ties
  • Duct tape
  • Pliers


    • 1

      Wrap a few layers of duct tape around the tip of the pole, or wherever you are planning to mount the camera. Without this tape, your zip ties will not have anything to hold on to.

    • 2

      Put the flat end of one zip tie through the loop at its other end, but do not tighten it. Just insert enough length to secure the zip tie in a loop. Do this with at least two zip ties.

    • 3

      Slide both zip ties over the pole, down to the area you taped off. Do not tighten them yet.

    • 4

      Run a third zip tie through both of the other ties. This creates a vertical loop.

    • 5

      Tighten the two pole ties as tightly as you can with a pair of pliers, but leave the third loop loose.

    • 6

      Lay the GoPro helmet strap on the table, facing up.

    • 7

      Run the left end of the strap through your open zip tie loop.

    • 8

      Pull the other end of the strap around the back of the pole and run it through the open loop in the opposite direction.

    • 9

      Pull the straps until the mount is tight against the pole. Tighten the zip tie with a pair of pliers to lock the strap into place.

    • 10

      Slide the GoPro camera into the open slot on the helmet strap and hit the slopes.

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