How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair in One Day

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Change your look in a day: go platinum blond.

Ever wonder if blonds really do have more fun? Want a completely new look or just revamp an old one? Nothing turns heads like platinum blond. You can have a whole new head of hair in just one day. But, before you join the ranks of hall-of-fame blonds like Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Pink and Lady Gaga, be forewarned that going platinum blond is a tricky coloring process, especially if you decide to forgo a trip to the salon and do it yourself. If you're up to the challenge, go ahead and find out for yourself if blonds really do have more fun.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex or vinyl gloves
  • Old towel
  • Powder bleach with developer
  • Plastic mixing bowl or plastic applicator bottle
  • Tint brush
  • Plastic hair clips
  • Platinum blond toner
  • Shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair
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  1. Applying Bleach

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      Mix the powder bleach with the developer in a plastic bowl, according to the product's instructions. If using an applicator bottle, pour the bleach and developer into the bottle and shake until contents are blended evenly. Wear gloves.

    • 2

      Drape an old towel over your shoulders. Divide your hair into sections and secure with plastic hair clips.

    • 3

      Saturate the tint brush with bleach. Starting with the hair in the back, apply bleach to the tips first and work your way up to the roots. Avoid getting bleach on your scalp.

    • 4

      Let the bleach set according to the product's recommended time. Your hair should be pale yellow at completion.

    • 5

      Rinse the solution from your hair first with warm water, then shampoo. Repeat until all the bleach is out.

    Apply Toner

    • 6

      Pat wet hair with a towel to get rid of excess water. Put on gloves and mix the platinum blond toner with the developer according to the product's instructions.

    • 7

      Apply the toner to the hair in the back, working your way from the tips right up to the scalp. Your don't need to use a tint brush, just your fingers.

    • 8

      Massage the toner into your hair and over your scalp to make sure every hair is saturated. Let it set, according to product's instructions.

    • 9

      Shampoo hair thoroughly and apply conditioner. Style as usual.

Tips & Warnings

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions, as times vary depending on the product you choose.

  • Bleaching is only the first step. You must use a platinum blond toner to even out the color.

  • The darker your hair color, the longer it will take to bleach. For really dark hair, you might have to bleach it several times to take it from a yellowish orange color to the desired pale yellow needed to achieve platinum blond. Multiple bleaching could result in hair damage.

  • Apply bleach to dry hair. Do not shampoo hair before bleaching.

  • Avoid getting bleach in your eyes and scalp, as it burns.

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