How to Fix Common Golf Problems


After you have practiced your golf swing (see How to Fix Your Golf Swing), you can move on to fixing specific problems. Here are golf's most common trouble spots and what you can do about them.

Things You'll Need

  • Set Of Golf Clubs
  • Golf Balls

Poor putting

  • Stand comfortably, with your feet closer than shoulder width apart. Grip the club lightly

  • Stand with your eyes directly over the ball. Your eyes should be parallel to the direction of the putt

  • Control the putter with your dominant hand. Maintain the same speed on your backstroke as on your forward stroke.

Slicing and hooking the ball

  • Review step 4 (How to Fix Your Golf Swing) to be sure you understand the swing plane.

  • The goal is to hold the club so that the shaft is parallel to the target line when you're at the top of your swing. If the club points to the left at the top of your swing, the result is a slice. If the club points to the right, the result is a hook.

Poor chip shots

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