How to Maximize MPG on a Power Stroke Engine

The Power Stroke engine made by Ford runs on diesel fuel. Even though diesel engines are able to carry more weight than gasoline engines, both run smoother when the driver operates the vehicle smoothly and efficiently. Besides driving smarter, making a few changes to the engine also increases your fuel mileage. In fact, it is certainly possible to increase your Power Stroke's MPG by five miles.


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      Haul materials only when you need to. Power Stroke engines are designed for vehicles that do a lot of hauling. Whenever you do, you eat up more fuel than when not hauling anything. Always disconnect any trailers, and keep the vehicle's storage area empty whenever possible.

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      Change out the conventional diesel oil for synthetic diesel oil. This oil makes the engine run smoother, ultimately improving your fuel mileage.

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      Install a high performance intake system. These systems increase the engine's efficiency, so it takes less fuel to run the vehicle. Read your owner's manual to determine what intake system upgrades work with your engine.

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      Travel at the speed limit. The faster you drive, the lower your mileage.

    • 5

      Don't accelerate when it's not necessary. Instead of rushing up to a red light, take your foot off the accelerator as you approach it. As the vehicle slows down, momentum carries it forward -- without wasting fuel. Quickly accelerating consumes more fuel than gradually pressing the pedal.

    • 6

      Check your tire pressure. Tires that don't have enough pressure take more energy to get moving. And overinflated tires don't hit the road correctly, slowing down the car because it's not getting enough traction. Keep the tires at the pressure recommended in your owner's manual.

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      Perform oil changes at the frequency recommended in your owner's manual, or go to an oil change service station. Low oil causes your vehicle to get lower mileage.

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