How to Make New Places in Foursquare


Foursquare works best when you and all your friends check in everywhere you visit. If a new hangout hasn't shown up on the service, you don't need to wait for the place's owner to add it: You can add any location to Foursquare, even if you have no official ties to it. Aside from stores, restaurants and other public areas, you can also add private places, and fight with friends to be the mayor of your apartment building or office.

Foursquare Website

  • Visit the Foursquare website, log in and search for the place you want to add. Check the search results to make sure your place isn't already listed before adding it yourself.

  • Click "Add a New Place to Foursquare" at the bottom of the search page if you don't see the location you want.

  • Enter a name for the new place, using its official spelling and capitalization. Fill in the address and, if it helps identify the location, the cross street. If Foursquare can't find the exact address, click on the map to point out the location. Add the place's official Twitter name and phone number, if you know them.

  • Click in the Category box to see a list of categories, pick one and then select a subcategory. You can also start typing a category to narrow the list.

  • Check "This Is a Private Venue" if the place is restricted to certain people, such as an office building, or if you're adding a place that's meant only for you and a few friends.

  • Click "Save" to add the place. Foursquare automatically loads the new place's page after you create it.

Foursquare App

  • Open the Foursquare app to the "Tips" tab and tap "Leave a Tip," resembling an icon of a paper and pencil.

  • Search for the place you want to add and read through the search results to avoid adding a duplicate. If you don't see the correct place, tap "Add This Place?" at the end of the list.

  • Enter the full name of the new place, using its official spelling and capitalization, and then press "Category" to pick a category and subcategory for the place.

  • Press "Address" if you need to enter the place's address. If you're already at the place, you don't need to add the address manually, as your phone's GPS locates you. You can also add the place's official Twitter account or phone number in the Address section.

  • Tap "Add" to save the location. If you need to make changes to the place later, open its page, tap "More Details" and press "Suggest an Edit."

Tips & Warnings

  • If the place you want to add is inside an existing place, such as a new store at the mall, use the Foursquare website to add it and check the "This Is Inside of Another Place" box. Search for the outer place and select it from the search results.
  • Check the Foursquare style guide (link in Resources) for help with typing in location addresses. In general, you should follow your local postal guidelines and use abbreviations when possible, such as "St" instead of "Street."
  • You can add private homes to Foursquare only if you live at the location or you have the homeowner's permission. As long as you classify your home in the "Residence" category and the "Home (Private)" subcategory, you can delete it later by editing the place's page.
  • Except for private residences, you can't remove a place from Foursquare at will. If you have a good reason to delete another type of location -- such as a store that has closed -- use the "Suggest an Edit" link on the place's page to request removal.

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