How to Render a Sphere With Glusphere

Open Graphics Library, or OpenGL, is a computer graphics application programming interface (API) used to render two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer graphic images. It can be implemented on a variety of computer platforms and programming languages. OpenGL is used for video game development and scientific visualization. OpenGL does not offer a direct method of sphere rendering, but it does offer the "Glusphere" function, which draws a sphere of the given radius centered around the origin. To create a sphere, you will code a series of lines, calculate the sin and cosine values necessary to create the sphere, and then implement glusphere in the code.


    • 1

      Launch the OpenGL Viewport window.

    • 2

      Type the following code to provide the sine and cosine functions needed to calculate the circle:

      include <math.h>
    • 3

      Type the following code to render a sphere with glusphere:

      void renderSphere(float x, float y, float z, float radius,int subdivisions,GLUquadricObj *quadric)



      glTranslatef( x,y,z );

      gluSphere(quadric, radius, subdivisions,subdivisions);



      void renderSphere_convenient(float x, float y, float z, float radius,int subdivisions)


      //the same quadric can be re-used for drawing many spheres

      GLUquadricObj *quadric=gluNewQuadric();

      gluQuadricNormals(quadric, GLU_SMOOTH);




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