How to Download Pandora on a Gravity T

The Pandora application is a free download available through the Android Market for the Samsung Gravity T phone. The Pandora application lets you listen to live streaming music on your Gravity T device, and the application creates customized playlists based on your listening preferences. You can download the Pandora application directly to the home screen of your Gravity T from the Android Market.


    • 1

      Tap the "Android Market" icon on your Gravity T device.

    • 2

      Tap the "Search" option.

    • 3

      Enter "Pandora" and select the "Pandora" application.

    • 4

      Tap the "Install" button.

    • 5

      Tap the "Confirm" button to download the Pandora application to the home screen of your Gravity T device.

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