How to Remove Pearl Snaps

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Snap fasteners hold fabric firmly in place.

Snap fasteners are excellent alternatives to buttons. They work especially well on children's clothing. These no-sew fasteners come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs, including pronged, capped, decorative and pearl. Two types of snap fasteners are available on the market: prong-style snap and post-style snap. Pearl snaps are dome-shaped, pronged fasteners with a ring around the dome's rim, often used on Western clothing. Sometimes these fasteners become damaged or don't close correctly. No problem. You can remove and replace them simply and quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Snap fasteners
  • Snap installation kit
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  1. Remove Snaps

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      Lay the garment on a clean, flat surface.

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      Slide the flat head of a screwdriver in between the pearl socket/stud combination and the fabric.

    • 3

      Work the pieces apart gently, until the snap releases from the prongs.

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      Separate the fabric from the prongs, gently moving the fabric until the prongs disengage from the fabric. Remove parts from both sides of the fabric. Repeat the entire process on the bottom snap assembly located on the adjacent opening of the garment.

    Replace Snaps

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      Place the new pearl snap and socket into the snap installation pliers, following the manufacturer's kit instructions.

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      Position the pliers containing the pearl snap prongs over the spot in the garment where the original top side of the pearl snap was located.

    • 7

      Close pliers gently until the prongs go through the fabric and touch the snap socket. This sets the pearl portion of the snap in place.

    • 8

      Insert the pronged ring and stud side of the snap in the installation pliers; follow the manufacturer's kit instructions.

    • 9

      Position the pliers over the spot where the original bottom side of the snap was located on the adjacent opening in the garment. Squeeze the pliers firmly to set the ring and stud firmly in place.

Tips & Warnings

  • Prong-style snaps work best with lightweight fabrics and knits. Post-style snaps work well with heavy fabrics and dense weaves.

  • Snaps are securely set when the pieces fit tightly into the fabric, the thumb of your nail cannot be forced between the snap and the fabric, and all prongs are firmly crimped into the fastener stud.

  • Damage to your snap may have occurred due to the snap being attached over stitching or a seam. Bulky fabric can also interfere with the snap securely attaching to the fabric.

  • Snap fasteners from different manufacturers are not interchangeable.

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