How to Call Plays in NBA 2K11

"NBA 2K11" gives players an inside look into the NBA. This video game series has had superstar contributors over the years, including champions Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant, to help make it as realistic as possible. The "2K11" edition is touted to be even more spectacular by 2K Sports. "NBA 2K11" introduces Michael Jordan as a character. Players can play in a new Jordan Challenge mode or even play in a historic Chicago Bulls team mode. As it is in the real-life NBA, play calling is very important in "NBA 2K11." You can strategically challenge the other team in a variety of plays that are available, including signature plays for teams and players.


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      Press right on the D-pad on an Xbox 360 controller while the game is in play, and a play menu will pop up on the right side of the screen. Press the "-" button on a Wii remote to pull up the menu. Push down and click the right stick on a PlayStation 3 remote for the menu.

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      Use the left and right bumpers on an Xbox 360 controller to scroll through the list of plays that appear in the menu. Scroll through the menu using the "+ Control Pad" on a Wii remote. Move the left and right sticks on a PlayStation 3 remote to scroll.

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      Hit the "X" button on the Xbox 360 controller to select the play once you have highlighted your play choice in the list. Press the "A" button on a Wii remote to select a play. Use the "Square" button on a PlayStation 3 remote to select a play. The menu disappears, and the play starts with the players moving into position.

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