How to Train to Run a 10K Race


The 10K (10 kilometers, or 6.2 miles) is a road-running standard. Even if you're a beginning runner, you've likely heard of the 10K.

Things You'll Need

  • Running Bras
  • Running Clothes
  • Running Shoes
  • Running Socks
  • Running Sunglasses
  • Running Books
  • Running Foods (gels And Bars)
  • Running Watches
  • Jogging Strollers
  • Running/sports Drinks
  • Allow at least four weeks of training if you're starting from basic fitness (that is, being able to jog for at least 20 minutes).

  • Add 5 minutes of jogging/running to your 20 minutes in week one. In other words, try to run for 25 minutes each time you run.

  • Continue this program over the next three weeks, adding 5 minutes of jogging/running per week. By this time, you'll be up to 40 minutes of continuous running.

  • Aim to do this program at least three days a week. The other four days can be either rest or an alternate exercise like cycling or swimming.

  • Allow your legs and your lungs to catch up to each other in the beginning. Your legs are in use every day, while your lungs probably haven't worked so hard in a while.

  • Work up to being able to do at least 4 miles of continuous running before the race. This gives pretty good assurance that you can at least go the extra 2 miles on race day.

  • Run relaxed. Don't get pulled out into a sprint by the crowd.

  • Run to finish the distance in the first race. In subsequent events, you may try to improve your time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pay attention to race principles, such as tapering (cutting back in training before the race), peaking (being ready for the race), pacing and recovery (the longer the race, the longer the recovery).
  • Warm up and cool down, including stretching, for every workout.
  • Consider using a heart rate monitor, especially for speed and strength training.
  • Train with a partner or running group if possible.
  • If you have any condition that would impair or limit your ability to engage in physical activity, please consult a physician before attempting this activity. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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