How to Move to Montreal from the U.S.A.

Moving from one American city to another is a matter of basic transit, but moving to a foreign city, such as Montreal, requires than an additional set of criteria be met. Unlike other Canadian provinces, Quebec has its own additional set of prerequisites you must follow under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration. This includes the added step of obtaining a Quebec certificate of selection before continuing on with the rest of the application process.


    • 1

      Receive a Quebec certificate of selection. You must download the official forms and fill them out. These forms also include your general application form.

    • 2

      Gather the documents listed in the Buffalo Visa Office instructional manual. This includes your application form, background declaration, declaration to reside in Canada, passports and more.

    • 3

      Mail your application, along with your fees. American citizens interested in moving to Montreal must mail the application to the visa office in Buffalo, N.Y., located at:

      Canadian Consulate General

      Immigration Regional Program Centre

      1 HSBC Center, Suite 3000

      Buffalo, NY 14203-2884

Tips & Warnings

  • You must be a skilled professional to qualify for a work visa. Depending on your situation, fees may vary. Fees may be charged for processing the application, the Right of Permanent Residence, a medical examination, a police certificate and language testing.
  • Applicants who commit felonies or cannot afford to support themselves financially will not be admitted into Canada.
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