How to Coordinate Women's Suit Separates

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For a more casual office, a suit jacket isn't necessary

Women's suit separates allow business women the chance for wardrobe customization while still looking professional. The fit of each piece should be considered before purchase. Tall, thin women should wear jackets with more width to the lapels. Curvy women should find jackets that nip in at the waist and fall a the start of the hip. Shorter women should ensure that the skirt or pants won't be too long, if she doesn't plan to get them hemmed.


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      Purchase the jacket, skirt and pants in neutral colors. Select among shades of black, gray, navy, tan and cream. When buying patterns, choose ones that are subtle enough to easily match to a solid, such as pinstripes or a small houndstooth.

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      Purchase dress shirts that do not have a pattern. Note that you can get more adventurous with the color of the shirts, though most of your collection should be in neutral tones to match the other pieces.

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      Wear only one statement piece at a time: for example, a houndstooth coat with black slacks and a white top or a solid gray jacket and skirt with a bold turquoise blouse. Keep the accompanying jewelry simple and delicate.

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