How to Become Invisible on "Fallout: New Vegas"


Between challenges from Deathclaws, Super Mutants and Caesar's Legion, sometimes the best way to win a fight in "Fallout: New Vegas" is to avoid it entirely. In "Fallout: New Vegas" you may choose to fight your way past enemies, talk your way through situations with them or just sneak right past them. By using the Stealth Boy, and keeping a low profile, you can become effectively invisible to enemies and friends alike. The Stealth Boy will apply a high-tech "cloaking" field to your character.

  • Find a Stealth Boy. Stealth Boys are devices that will turn your character invisible for two minutes. These devices are not as prevalent in "New Vegas" as they were in "Fallout 3." You can find them scattered across the Mojave Wasteland.

  • Open your Pip-Boy. Click the "Items" button. Click "Aid." Click your Stealth Boy to activate it. You will immediately know if it is working as your Pip Boy will turn invisible.

  • Walk instead of running. You can do this by pressing the walk/run toggle key. Unless you have the Silent Running perk, running decreases your ability to move stealthily, even if you are using a Stealth Boy.

  • Press the Crouch button. Not only will crouching help hide you, it will also display what "sneak state" you are in: hidden, detected, caution or danger.

  • Avoid moving in your enemies' lines of sight. Even while you are cloaked with the Stealth Boy, an enemy with good perception can detect you if you walk right in front of him.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are having trouble finding a Stealth Boy, search these locations: the Goodsprings schoolhouse, the REPCONN site and the X-13 research facility.
  • The Stealth Boy lasts one in-game hour; make sure you are away from enemies when it wears off.

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