How to Open an EVO File

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EVO -- or Enhanced VOB -- files are high-definition files that store all of the audio and video data files for a movie on a high-definition DVD. These files are similar to the VOB files you would find on a typical DVD. EVO files are now obsolete because HD-DVD players are no longer being manufactured, having been replaced by Blu-ray players. The EVO file format is not used by Blu-ray players, but you can still play EVO files on your computer using your favorite movie viewing software.


  1. Insert the HD-DVD disc into your computer.

  2. Locate the EVO file on your computer.

  3. Right-click on the EVO file.

  4. Click on the "Open With" option.

  5. Choose a program that plays media files like Windows Media Player, ImgBurn, Media Player Classic or your favorite DVD software. After you select a program, the EVO file will immediately launch within the program and begin to play.



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