How to Design Your Own Satin Baseball Jackets

A baseball enthusiast wears his own baseball jacket to show his respect and appreciation for his favorite team. Some teams don't have baseball jackets available for purchase. If your favorite team doesn't have a team jacket, design your own that incorporate materials such as cotton and leather. If you prefer a shiny, silky baseball jacket, use satin instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Baseball team patches
  • Sewing tools


    • 1

      Purchase a plain, satin baseball jacket shell online. When ordering the jacket, choose the color represents your favorite team.

    • 2

      Buy patches or pins of your favorite team online or from a hobby store. Come up with a plan for how you want to arrange the patches and pins on the jacket.

    • 3

      Lay the jacket on a table. Arrange the patches on the jacket according to your plan.

    • 4

      Sew on the patches one at a time. Double each stitch to make sure that they will not come off. Add the baseball pins.

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