How to Bring a Female Dog Home With an Alpha Male

How to Bring a Female Dog Home With an Alpha Male thumbnail
Dogs look to their owners for what is expected of them.

Dogs are territorial, pack animals that live in a hierarchical world. The alpha dog sits at the top of this hierarchy. For peaceful coexistence, dog owners must establish themselves as the alpha. Homes with multiple dogs have both a human and a dog alpha. Introducing a female dog into a home with an alpha male requires calmness, confidence and careful supervision. The introduction of opposite sex dogs tends to be smoother than for same sex dogs.


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      Introduce the dogs on neutral territory, such as a park. Since dogs are territorial by nature, an alpha male may become aggressive toward the new female dog if introduced at the alpha's home.

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      Think positively, calm yourself and act with authority. Dogs pick up on human emotions and are more likely to respond positively to an introduction when the owner is calm and assertive.

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      Control both dogs with a leash. Have a helper hold the leash of one of the dogs. Allow the dogs to sniff each other, because this is how they communicate.

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      Monitor the dogs closely, praising positive behaviors and avoid giving attention to negative behaviors. The best behavior is a wagging tail and lowered front end, indicating the desire to play. The alpha male may assert its dominance by placing its head over the female's back. The best outcome is for the female to submit to the alpha's dominance, establishing the pack hierarchy.

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      Supervise all interactions between the alpha male and the female until the pack hierarchy is firmly established. Reinforce the alpha male's status by feeding him first, allowing him into the house before the female, and by giving him attention first.

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