How to Design Your Own Reversible Jersey

Customized reversible jerseys have many advantages. They encourage team spirit and cohesion. They provide fans a way of identifying more closely with the team. Additionally, a team looks more professional when dressed in their own distinctive colors. A reversible jersey has the added benefit of including two color schemes, allowing the team to use a different side of the jersey for a home or an away game. Fortunately, it is easy to design your own reversible jersey.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Colored Markers
  • Computer
  • Mailing Address


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      Draw a model jersey on paper. Choose the style of jersey you prefer. Do you want a basketball, football or soccer jersey? Once you decide, draw two sketches of the outlines of the jersey on a piece of paper. Each sketch represents one of the two sides of your reversible jersey.

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      Pick a mascot or logo. Most teams have an identifying mascot or logo. The mascot can be an animal, character or something else. Many teams choose intimidating animals such as lions or bears. You might also choose a pirate, or a character associated with your town. Alternatively, you could choose a logo for your local school, club or whatever organization your team most closely identifies with.

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      Choose a color scheme. Your colors and your mascot/logo are the main identifiers for your team. Think carefully about which colors complement your mascot, and which colors will help you and your team stand out. Pick an attractive color scheme. Popular color combinations include blue/white, yellow/black, green/grey, orange/white and yellow/blue. Use a different combination for each side of the reversible jersey.

    • 4

      Hire a design company. Everyone can design a reversible jersey, but most people do not have the machinery or time to produce their own jerseys. Companies such as Custom Planet and the Graphic Edge allow you to upload your reversible jersey design and submit the design for production. Your jerseys will be mailed to you when they are finished.

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