How to Make a Gown Shorter Without Hemming

How to Make a Gown Shorter Without Hemming thumbnail
You can shorten a gown without hemming; this is a good option for women that borrow a dress for an occasion.

All women are shaped differently and that includes their height, which sometimes makes it difficult to shop for gowns and long dresses. Many women find that long dresses are too long and need alterations. If you haven’t the time for alterations, there are a few tricks you can employ to shorten your dress without hemming it.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron
  • Hem tape
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      Measure the gown to see how much you need to shorten it. Put the gown on and place a pin where the gown should be shortened.

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      Take the gown off and turn it inside out. Fold the hem of the gown from the outside of the dress to the inside of the dress where the pin is placed marking the length the dress should be.

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      Cut iron-on hem tape into sections, enough to cover the width of the hem of the dress and place the pieces inside the fold you just created. Using a hot iron, press down on the fold where you placed the hem tape. Hold the iron over the fold for three to five seconds and remove.

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      Repeat the process all the way around the length of the dress. Once you have finished applying the iron-on hem tape, your dress is shorter, no hemming required.

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