How to Make a Cat Less Hyper

If you suddenly notice your cat running all over the house, knocking down objects or chasing imaginary prey, it is probably bored and lonely. While cats don’t crave for as much attention as dogs, you must keep them mentally and physically stimulated, to prevent boredom and maintain their overall well being. You can reduce your cat’s hyperactive behavior by regularly keeping it engaged and entertained with fun activities that include toys and food treats.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing pole
  • Catnip-filled soft toy
  • Soft toy
  • Bird feeder or squirrel feeder
  • Fish-filled aquarium
  • Cat food treats
  • Treat balls


    • 1

      Provide stimulating play to indulge your cat’s predatory tendencies. Attach a small catnip-filled soft toy to the end of a fishing pole and hold it in your hand. Dangle the pole in front of your cat to entice it to reach for the toy. Move the pole away from your cat at varying speeds, behind the sofa or in a paper bag, to give it the feeling that it is chasing a moving prey. This challenging game will entertain and simultaneously tire your cat, reducing its hyperactive behavior.

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      Place a bird feeder or squirrel feeder near a window, so that your cat can be kept occupied during the day by watching birds and squirrels feed. You can also install a fish-filled aquarium indoors to provide your kitty with hours of observational activity. These activities will stimulate your cat and keep it alert and engrossed during the day.

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      Place dry cat-food treats in treat balls instead of offering them to your cat in bowls. Treat balls are hard, plastic balls with tiny holes around them. Your cat will have to roll the treat ball around and expend energy in order to extract the food treat from it.

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      Offer your cat toys such as catnip-filled soft toys to keep it occupied and prevent it from sleeping during the day or to stay engaged at night, if it is in the mood to stay awake.

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