How to Make a Pokemon Flash Intro

A Flash intro appears on a Flash-based website before a user reaches the content. An intro helps excite the viewer and provides necessary information, such as a website's history. Although Flash intros impress some users, they irritate others. So keep yours brief. Make your Pokemon-based intro exciting by including popular, well-drawn Pokemon or combining images in a novel way. You can find images of Pokemon on the official website or on related fan sites.


    • 1

      Launch Adobe Flash, and create a new file.

    • 2

      Press the "New Layer" button. Highlight the layer, and call it "Background." Use the "Brush" or "Pen" tool to draw the desired background. For example, draw a large red and white Pokemon ball.

    • 3

      Import a background image, if you do not want to draw one. Click on the "Import" menu, and scroll to "Image." Highlight the desired background image, and press "OK." Move the image to the appropriate area of the canvas using the "Arrow" tool. For example, import an image of the original "Pokemon Red" cover.

    • 4

      Press the "New Layer" button. Name the layer "Pokemon." Use the tools within the toolbox to draw the desired Pokemon. For example, draw the Pokemon Pikachu. Color him yellow and black using the "Bucket."

    • 5

      Adjust the timing, as desired. Highlight the "Background" and "Pokemon" layers, and click on the "New Frame" button. Add frames until the Pokemon Intro reaches the desired length. For example, if you want Pikachu to appear on screen for 1 second, add 12 frames.

    • 6

      Move the Pokemon images, if desired. For example, force Pikachu to glide off-screen. Click on the second frame, and highlight Pikachu. Drag him upward slightly. Repeat the process, dragging Pikachu farther and farther upward each time.

    • 7

      Add a new layer, and name it "Pokemon2." Draw the desired image, or import one. For example, draw a Pokemon trainer standing in the corner of the screen.

    • 8

      Adjust the timing of the second image, using the Timeline.

    • 9

      Repeat the process of adding images, adjusting the Timeline and moving images until you complete the Flash intro.

    • 10

      Click on the "File" menu, and scroll to "Save As." Enter the title "Pokemon Flash Intro" and select the "swf" file format.

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